8th Youth Public Ambassadors

Let's share our dreams and friendships with friends from Asia and promote our history and culture to the world together with youths of VANK(Voluntary Agency Network of Korea)!


We are public ambassadors for ASEAN!

We introduce history and culture of Korea and ASEAN to the world, sharing dreams and friendship with friends from ASEAN.

VANK(Voluntary Agency Network of Korea) promotes history and culture of Korea correctly to the people from all over the world. Through the activities of VANK youths, wrong information about Korea in world textbooks, world maps, encyclopedia, and websites were corrected and Korea has been promoted as a country with continuous history and brilliant culture.

Now, VANK will introduce ASEAN countries to the world, whose history and culture are not well known to the international community as well as Korea, by leveraging the ability made from the past 20 years, informing the world about the history and culture of Korea.

For it, VANK supports Korean youths with Yonhap News Agency so that they can work as public ambassadors for ASEAN.

VANK youths have dreams. Dream of the day when western oriented perspectives of international community gradually improve and the world’s prejudice toward ASEAN also changes through our public ambassadors for ASEAN!

Dream of the day when we, youths from Korea and ASEAN who are living in Asian era of 21st century, become the one and make a future of the world!

Let’s promote brilliant history and culture of Korea and ASEAN correctly to the world together and root for our public ambassadors who are making the future of this world!

Video of notice about public ambassadors


The future of our global community

VANK head Park Ki-tae


Understanding and Utilizing Social Media

Former YonhapNews Korean Center Advisor Lee Hee-yong


What if I'm a citizen of ASEAN?

VANK Shin Ji-won