2021 National Brand Up Exhibition


Asian countries are rapidly growing as the centers of the global economy, and the eyes and ears of people around the world are turning towards Asia. What is the most important thing for Korean youths to do in the Asian era that is already close to us? Wouldn't it be to become good friends to Asians?

VANK(Voluntary Agency Network of Korea) and Yonhapnews Agency hold ‘2021 National Brand-up Exhibition’ with a theme ‘Friend of Korea ASEAN, friend of ASEAN Korea’ from 2/18 – 2/25, 2021. This is 10th exhibition, but held through online for the first time due to COVID-19.

2021 National Brand-up Online Exhibition was designed by VANK(Voluntary Agency Network of Korea) and Yonhapnews Agency to let people know the activities of Korean youths who are promoting history and culture of Korea and ASEAN countries to the world as they are not well known to international community. In this exhibition with a theme , youths from VANK and ASEAN 10 countries meet each other through online and share each other’s history, culture, dreams, and friendship. We introduce their story of making the future of Asia.

Also, we introduce history and culture of ASEAN 10 countries as ‘Brilliant friend of Korea’ Indonesia and Cambodia, ‘Great friend of Korea’ Thailand and Vietnam, ‘Precious friend of Korea’ Malaysia and Laos, ‘Beautiful friend of Korea’ Myanmar, Philippines and Brunei, and ‘Look-alike friend of Korea’ Singapore.

Korean youths get to know about brilliant history and culture of ASEAN through friends from Indonesia and Cambodia, and great heroes of ASEAN through friends from Thailand and Vietnam.

They come to know about precious friendship of Korea and ASEAN through friends from Malaysia and Laos, and amazing heritages of ASEAN through friends from Myanmar, Philippines and Brunei. They learn that ASEAN and Korea are going forward to the world with similar dreams through friends from Singapore.

We give a challenge to promote our history and culture, respecting each other.

Especially, we show you the process of how VANK youths are introducing history and culture of Korea and ASEAN to people from all over the world, using SNS and VANK youth explains the exhibition in Korean and English to the visitors of exhibition through videos as a docent. We hope visitors of the exhibition become a Digital public ambassadors who promote Korea and ASEAN to the world, like VANK youths.

Through the exhibition, you can get the news of Yonhapnews Agency about the stories that Korea and ASEAN become good friends and let people know about ASESAN correctly. In addition, you can see various contents made by VANK such as world map introducing history and culture of ASEAN, and videos telling you about ‘how to become good friends with Asians’.

There’s ‘Quiz’ event for you to learn about interesting history and culture of Korea and ASEAN as well. If you participate in the quiz event and answer the questions, you can get the gift too, according to your quiz result!

Furthermore, this exhibition show you the last exhibitions held by VANK and Yonhapnews Agency. You can see how VANK youths always have been promoting history and culture of Korea even from the time when Hallyu, Korean Wave didn’t get that high attention from the world.

Exhibition website will be made to responsive web so you can connect to the website with not only PC but also tablet PC and mobile. We also made VR contents of exhibition to supplement the limit of digital exhibition.

We expect that this exhibition website will be a good promotion as English is supported in the website.

Even after the exhibition, VANK and Yonhapnews Agency will continue to manage the website and try to improve western oriented perspectives and make our society where everyone from all over the world respect each other.

We hope you root for and participate in our activities of introducing ASEAN correctly to the world, promoting brilliant history and culture of Korea and ASEAN.

Celebration Messages

| Yonhapnews Agency CEO Cho Sung-boo | | VANK head Park Ki-tae |

  • | Ambassador of Indonesia to the Republic of Korea - Umar Hadi |

  • | Secretary General of the ASEAN-Korea Centre - Lee Hyuk |

  • | The World Leaders |

  • | ASEAN Youth Leaders of ASEAN Youth Organization |