plus 2020 Korea National Brand Up Exhibition - We are Korean Culture Ambassadors.


We are Korean Culture Ambassadors.


Host : Yonhapnews Agency · Vank 

Date : April 22~27, 2020 

Location : On Nadeul Street outside Ichon Station (Line 4), Seoul

Exhibition Introduction

The wave of Korean dramas, songs, and movies opens a new cultural horizon by captivating the minds of fans in Asia, Africa, and North and South America. 

While global interest in K-pop is rising, the world is yet to discover Korea's rich history and wider culture.

Many textbooks, encyclopedias, and websites around the world still misrepresent Korean history. 

It is important to use the great global interest in K-pop as a bridge to Korea's | 5000-year-old history and culture.

In response to the growing interest in Hallyu, Yonhap News Agency and VANK co-host the Korea National Brand Up Exhibition to showcase Korean history and culture as well as Korean youth's grassroots effort to promote Korea.

At the exhibition, you will see the highlights and achievements of Korean and international volunteers as Korean culture ambassadors.